Less time tracking and more time doing

A new organization tool for development teams

Plan, estimate,
and organize your work

It's easy to keep information up to date in Cadence

Add stories quickly and split them naturally
No complex forms or configuration. Start adding stories right away. Fill out details and split any detail into another story. It’s that simple.
Parallelize stories with visibility into dependencies
Easily mark dependencies and potential blockers to get visibility as work moves across your team.
Increase estimate accuracy by comparing to past stories
Cadence helps you estimate complexity by showing you similar stories during creation.

Reduce context switching, don’t
repeat yourself and track what's really happening

Cadence integrates smartly with your existing source control and communications channels

Track what's going on without context switching
Cadence will use your commit messages and time stamps to update your stories' progress as you work.
Use your existing comm channels to stay up to date
Cadence will link important communications to stories and PRs. You can change story status without leaving your existing tools.

Get meaningful and actionable insights
into your process and goals

Cadence tracks everything: lines of code, PR size, time in review, chat activity, blockers, files touched

Discover problems before it’s too late
With visibility into blockers and dependencies, Cadence lets you know about potential risks in real-time.
Learn from your past and ship code more predictably
Automatically compare past releases with your current work, discover what's working and what isn't.